February 17, 2010

Whats Going on

So this is the story of what happened the past couple of days.

So Friday it snowed. I drove north with Lindsey and her daughter Ella to a random house to play in the yard. Ella had never seen snow and the last time it snowed in the Mobile area was way back in '96. After a day in the snow, I made up some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup, and Hot Coco. Man that took me back to the days in Iowa when my mom would go thru two loaves of bread to make sandwiches for our family. Ella refused to try the soup, she had never had it before and was determined not to like it. Even after I had explained to her that it was basically a slice of pizza but in sandwich and soup form and if she dipped her her sandwich in the soup it would be great. Nope.

Saturday was beautiful. It got up to the low 60s. Its crazy to think that just the day before it had snowed, what's even crazier, is that EVERY state EXCEPT Hawaii got snow fall that day. Don't believe me? Google it!. We went and got breakfast at Denny's. I usually don't eat at places like this but they had a free Grand Slam Breakfast on your birthday. After that slamming breakfast we headed over to the flea Market. Will actually Bucky and I headed over to the Flea Market, while Lindsey and Ella took Cooper to the park. I didn't worry to much about them, Coop is a good boy and Lindsey seems to have gotten to know him and they are comfortable with one another. Coop on the other hand was pretty riled up and was a little over whelming for Lindsey. He was pulling at the leash and Ella kept asking her if she could hold the leash!! They ended up going to another park and Cooper was trying to break into the tennis courts to try to stuff as many balls into his mouth as possible. I have seen Coop put 3 tennis balls in his mouth at once! They ended up calling it a day and headed back to her apt. Buck and I on the other hand where having a great time at the Flea Market. Bucky likes vinyl records. So there is a couple booths that have them. He gets the classic records of jazz, funk, and just good instrumentals. He also gets them for the comic aspect of the covers. He has a wall in his living room that is all funny covers. After finding a solid 20 we walked around on the look for some baby dolls. Buck is a very creative person and something he is working on is a army of Frangelica liquor bottles topped with baby doll heads and painted to be all sorts of people. Samurais, Voodoo dolls, and just plain crazy and weird. After the walk thru we headed back to the crib. I needed a nap and Bucky had to work that night. When I woke up I made some dinner and headed over to Lindsay's house. She was going to be my driver for the evening. When I arrived her neighbour and friend Shannon gave me a gift. She is a very crafty person. She makes a lot a jewelry and dream catchers. She is a hippy!! Anyway she had made me a mini dream catcher for the tent. I can't wait to put it in there and its small enough I won't have to take it out every time. She is also working on a hemp necklace for Cooper. She is excited to know that something she made with her hands is going to be traveling around with us. Shannon watched Ella and we headed down to the MUSIC BOX. It was a great night of music. The DJ was playing some fun beats that everyone was getting down on and then about 11 the SUPER NICE BROS. took the stage. Once again they played a great show. Its just some beats, some great lyrics and an awesome vibe. After jamming out we headed over to PADDY O'TOOLES to see Bucky and have a couple more. It was a nice day and night and I am glad I remember it all.

Sunday brought on Joe Cain Day. Joe Cain revitalized Mardi Gras after the Civil War. And his day is the the only parade open to the public. This is the longest parade of Mardi Gras and the drunkest. People get on the streets at about 8 am and get to getting down. Its a giant tail gate party. Every where we rode we would see people grilling, drinking and just having a good 'ol time. House parties everywhere, tail gate parties growing and growing as the day went on. During the day when not riding around we set up next to the OK BICYCLE SHOP, there was a couple of parties going on outside and bikes all around. People would stop and talk to us and just share the good mood that was flowing all over the place. When the sun started to drop I took Coop back to the shotgun house, feed him and left him at home. Dogs aren't allowed downtown in the thick of it all and aren't allowed along the parade route. So most of the day was avoiding the big crowds, which is fine my me. But when the sun went down I wanted to get down in the pit of it all. So with the pup left behind and a couple of coolers packed full of beers that I planed to sell, I made my way downtown. As I approached Bienville Square the streets became more and more filled with people. I made my way into the middle of the madness and took in the sights. People everywhere, on the sidewalks, in the streets, up on the balconies, spilling out of the bars and asleep in the shadows! Beads and Beer getting tossed about. Music bumping from the huge speakers. Peoples staggering around, smiling and singing. After I got parked, people started showing up on the bikes. Bucky, Lindsay, Brad, Stein, and I had a line of them in the street. I, with a lot of help from Lindsay, sold a good amount of beers. We made double of the initial investment so that was nice. During the evening people would break off and go on a ride thru the crowd to get a better look. I went on one of these rides and had stopped to take a couple pics, I then tried to catch up to homeboy and while standing up on the pedals and pushing down hard the chain came off right at the top of the rotation, so my left foot was smashed into the pavement and the pedal rolled over my foot bending my toes backward. I have never experienced a pain like that before and was sure that I had broken my toes. I made my way back to the gang and sold beer for a hour or so and then headed home. I iced and elevated my foot that night.

When I woke up on Monday I looked down to see a swollen, bruised and unrecognizable foot. I made some calls and determined that going to a hospital was my best bet. I figured that I was going to have to fork over some money at some point so I might as well be billed from a hospital, rather than a county health clinic. I am waiting it out to see what is to happen after 2012. After getting a couple of x-rays and lots of squeezing on my foot the Dr. determined that I wasn't broken. I was very sprained and was given a Rx and told to stay off it for a couple days. I headed home to rest and hoped for a day filled with Fat Tuesday festivities.

Tuesday morning when I woke up I did an evaluation on my left foot and decided it wasn't a good idea to put any pressure on my toes. I have waited over 3 wks for this day, Fat Tuesday is the day to party for Mardi Gras and I was stuck on the couch with my foot in the air. As I laid there I thought over the time spent here in Mobile. Every weekend there was something going on and during the week I was busy doing things with people that I have met. I have had a great time in this city of Mobile.

But it is time to move. By the time I leave Mobile on Saturday I will have been here for 4 weeks. It was a much needed break, other than my throbbing foot, I feel great. I'm rested, fatten up and ready to roll. I have gotten some calls and emails from people telling me not to stop and to get moving. Hey, it's my adventure so I'll go as fast or slow as I feel. Don't worry folks I have not lost sight of the goal and one of the goals is to try to find the next city or place to move to. I love it down here in Mobile and have got a good feel of what this city has to offer. I want to thank everyone down here in Mobile again. And a big thanks to everyone who has begun to follow me and who have followed me before I left. I'm excited to see the road unroll in front of me again and to sleep in my tent with my pup.

Till next time
Love and Licks
Sean and Coop

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juliesblog said...

Whats going on are you stayin in Mobile? No new posts for like ten days. I check everyday and im getting ready to do my own little adventure from Missouri to Texas. So if no posts before then i wont be able to read for awhile. I miss seeing and reading about your trip. Take care Julie