December 29, 2010

Holiday Time

So I this is what I sent out to my family for the holidays, and I decided it was good for everyone.  So read on.....

Happy Holidays.
The new year isn't here yet so this isn't late. 
So I'll fill y'all in on what I have been up to in Austin
I worked at a restaurant downtown for the first couple of months I was here.
While working there I remembered how much I am not into working in a restaurant or with food in general.
So I got a job working with a couple of Welders and contractors.
I enjoy the time in the shop and on the job site.  Not a lot of stress and really cool people to work with
I also worked for a local soap company, wrapping their bars of soap.  They are SOuth Austin People (
It is all natural and organic. Its better than Dr. Bronners!!
I helped out another local company this holiday season, they are Zhi Tea. (
This is a organic loose leaf tea company that is nationwide.  
I pack and label all the tea and pack and ship all of the orders.
I wasn't really into tea before this job but they really have great tea.
I also work every Saturday at the Farmers Market downtown 
I'm cooking pizza for a friend of mine who just started his own Mobile Pizza Catering company. 
Its very good. All local products. Wood fired oven on a trailer. Its a great job only 4-5 hours and I'm outdoors just cooking off pizza.  
I try to keep jobs now that don't have a lot of stress involved to them.  
So that's what I have been doing for work

Now for my downtime

I ride my bike everywhere

I got a 84 Schwinn World Sport 10 speed about 3 months ago for $100 on Craigslist. The lady had no idea what a deal she was giving me.  The thing sat in her basement for the pass 10 yrs so its in great shape.  I still have the Trike.  I plan on selling in this coming year. 
 I miss the life on the road but know that I couldn't continue on the way I had before.  That thing was just way to much weight and my and my body is hurting because of it.  I have never been in so much consistent discomfort in my entire life.  

I have dated a couple of ladies but am still looking for the perfect one for me.  

I live on a acre of land on the east side of Austin.  The guy who owns the land (Moody Andrews) lives in his house in the back and I rent one of four rooms that he has in the house in the front of the property.  The guy next door is cool and leaves the gate open to his land so Coop has 2 acres to roam about.  Moody also has a full music studio on the land so I am learning to play the drums I have been at it for just over a month and I think I am doing very good.  

I have dreams of starting up something of my own here in Austin and have the friends and contacts to do so.
I just need to get my life in order to be able to do something positive.  

I have been very homesick and lonely this holiday season.
I miss IA and NYC very much and am planning on going to NYC in May for the 5 boro bike tour.  That's 41 miles thru all 5 boros in one day. I did it a couple yrs ago and really want to do it again.  I am also planning on taking a month off this summer and pedaling up to IA for Ragbri and see Tyler come home.  

Coop is doing well.  He likes living out here.  I think I might have to get him a pup friend soon.  I miss the time that we got to spend together riding around the US. He was thrilled to spend the day out in the cold on Christmas day when we rode around downtown handing out Peanut Butter sandwiches and Hot Tea.  I love my dog.  
I have Attached a Photo that my friend Azure put together.  Its formatted at 8x10 or 16x20  You can have it printed out to hang up or just laugh at it and forget about it.  I was going to print them and send them until I did the math.  
Its all about me a Coop.  
 Well that's all 
 Remember you always have a place to stay in Austin
 I miss you all greatly.
 And am still trying to make you proud of me
 Happy Holidays 
Sean and Fat boy