February 10, 2010

Sick in Mobile

So that Monday morning after the Superbowl I woke to a soreness in my throat and congestion in my face. It seems that walk in the cold and all the socializing was catching up to me. I couldn't swallow very well at all and was having problems breathing. I hate being sick and I feel if the weather was on the norm down here I would be fine. Cold weather is very defeating to me and it surprises me that I still haven't lived somewhere warm year around. The aches in my body where all over, mostly in the joints. I really could use a rubdown but am unable to afford such a luxury or find someone willing to do pro-bono work on my back and legs. 'Shelly O where are you?' Anyway sick. It was breath visible cold that morning in the shotgun house. I stayed in the sleeping bag next to the pup till the sun came out and we moved to the front porch, to take in some of the free vitamin D it was giving off. Coop is becoming very restless with me lately. I feel bad. When we are on the road we do a comparable amount of work. I work all the time and he works half the time but he is smaller than I so its comparable, and he is in better shape than most dogs, and humans for that matter. But when we come to a stop for a bit, he gets left behind a lot. I don't want to but unfortunately dogs can't go everywhere, but Mobile is the most dog friendly place we have been to so far. But he isn't even allowed downtown during the Parades, and we have been warned twice now. So being sick and laying around was not in his schedule. He wanted to chase tennis balls and play around. I wasn't much fun and only threw the balls for about 10 min. My plans were to rest up that day so I could leave out with the gang on Tues morning. Not having any money I really wasn't able to get stuff to make me feel better. Luckily I had a couple cans of chic noodle soup and drank plenty of water. The day and evening where filled with sleeping and watching TV. During the overnight I broke a bad fever. I got the worst sweats ever. I was soaked so much I had to get up change and towel off before putting new clothes on. Luckily this time around no vomiting or any other gross stuff that requires a toilet, even though I had one to use this time. But when Tues rolled around I sent Bucky a text letting him know I wouldn't be able to attend. It sucked but I didn't want to get them sick or ruin their good times. So another day of laying around with the pup. Cooper is a great snugly dog. He loves to squeeze himself between me and the back of the couch and buries his nose under me. Sometimes I wonder how he can breathe. I don't know if it is possible but I think he has caught my cold. I love this dog so much and can't wait to get moving again for his sake. He loves the time on the couch and meeting people but he is truly happy when we are on the move living day to day in nature without a care in the world. To be honest so am I. I have come to love this city and will think of it often with fond memories but there is still so much more out there to see. I feel with that little bit of unsatisfing work slinging wieners, that is was not at all what I wanted to experience. It brought back feelings of loneliness and hopelessness that I first felt when I moved to NYC and was working as a daytime server at Dallas BBQ. That placed sucked and I hated it so much that it almost sent me packing back to Iowa. But I pushed on and moved on just as I will here. I don't think the hot dog thing is going to work out. But as long as I keep my mind open and keep it positive something will come my way. Its a lot easier being broke on the move than it is when your in one place. When your on the move you have more opportunities to encounter someone or something that is going to help. But in one place you feel that you are taking advantage and become reliant on these kind people. I appreciate everything that everyone has done for us. From the beginning with Ed Murphy and the poker table guys, to all the random people that have stopped to talk, to the families I have know and not known that are happy to have us for the holidays or any time, to all the great people I have met down here in Mobile. You guys are making it hard to leave but making it easy to come back. But most of all my own friends and family that have donated money to us when it is needed. Thanks Mom and Dad, Cindy(MA), Nick (over and over), Sunnie (the best ex wife a guy could ask for), Sarah, Nate and the list goes on. I love you all and hope I am making you proud.

Till next time

Love and Licks

Sean and Coop


stacy said...

I'm a dog lover of 5 dogs who love to snuggle, so I smiled as you were wondering how Coop can breathe sometimes. I hope you feel better so the two of you can continue your adventure!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Love to you and Coop. Have a wonderful birthday Saturday. Will send something as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

Sean, I was pointed to your blog by a friend...Tracey Hartley...the guy building the fish float on a trike. I've just now caught up on your story...had to go back to the neginning and read from there. I very much enjoy your thoughts on people, things and all you're doing. I won't say, Gee, I wish I could do something like that.", cause as you point out; I can. I just have to do it.

I am glad to hear of your (mostly) positive encounters with us Southern folk. Most all of us are good people. We do have some that are just less good. We'll be down in Mobile fo rthe MArdi Gras this weekend. I hope to see and meet you in person. Keep on keepin' on! I look forward to more dispatches from the road. All the best to you and Coop.