February 17, 2010

Whats Going on

So this is the story of what happened the past couple of days.

So Friday it snowed. I drove north with Lindsey and her daughter Ella to a random house to play in the yard. Ella had never seen snow and the last time it snowed in the Mobile area was way back in '96. After a day in the snow, I made up some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Soup, and Hot Coco. Man that took me back to the days in Iowa when my mom would go thru two loaves of bread to make sandwiches for our family. Ella refused to try the soup, she had never had it before and was determined not to like it. Even after I had explained to her that it was basically a slice of pizza but in sandwich and soup form and if she dipped her her sandwich in the soup it would be great. Nope.

Saturday was beautiful. It got up to the low 60s. Its crazy to think that just the day before it had snowed, what's even crazier, is that EVERY state EXCEPT Hawaii got snow fall that day. Don't believe me? Google it!. We went and got breakfast at Denny's. I usually don't eat at places like this but they had a free Grand Slam Breakfast on your birthday. After that slamming breakfast we headed over to the flea Market. Will actually Bucky and I headed over to the Flea Market, while Lindsey and Ella took Cooper to the park. I didn't worry to much about them, Coop is a good boy and Lindsey seems to have gotten to know him and they are comfortable with one another. Coop on the other hand was pretty riled up and was a little over whelming for Lindsey. He was pulling at the leash and Ella kept asking her if she could hold the leash!! They ended up going to another park and Cooper was trying to break into the tennis courts to try to stuff as many balls into his mouth as possible. I have seen Coop put 3 tennis balls in his mouth at once! They ended up calling it a day and headed back to her apt. Buck and I on the other hand where having a great time at the Flea Market. Bucky likes vinyl records. So there is a couple booths that have them. He gets the classic records of jazz, funk, and just good instrumentals. He also gets them for the comic aspect of the covers. He has a wall in his living room that is all funny covers. After finding a solid 20 we walked around on the look for some baby dolls. Buck is a very creative person and something he is working on is a army of Frangelica liquor bottles topped with baby doll heads and painted to be all sorts of people. Samurais, Voodoo dolls, and just plain crazy and weird. After the walk thru we headed back to the crib. I needed a nap and Bucky had to work that night. When I woke up I made some dinner and headed over to Lindsay's house. She was going to be my driver for the evening. When I arrived her neighbour and friend Shannon gave me a gift. She is a very crafty person. She makes a lot a jewelry and dream catchers. She is a hippy!! Anyway she had made me a mini dream catcher for the tent. I can't wait to put it in there and its small enough I won't have to take it out every time. She is also working on a hemp necklace for Cooper. She is excited to know that something she made with her hands is going to be traveling around with us. Shannon watched Ella and we headed down to the MUSIC BOX. It was a great night of music. The DJ was playing some fun beats that everyone was getting down on and then about 11 the SUPER NICE BROS. took the stage. Once again they played a great show. Its just some beats, some great lyrics and an awesome vibe. After jamming out we headed over to PADDY O'TOOLES to see Bucky and have a couple more. It was a nice day and night and I am glad I remember it all.

Sunday brought on Joe Cain Day. Joe Cain revitalized Mardi Gras after the Civil War. And his day is the the only parade open to the public. This is the longest parade of Mardi Gras and the drunkest. People get on the streets at about 8 am and get to getting down. Its a giant tail gate party. Every where we rode we would see people grilling, drinking and just having a good 'ol time. House parties everywhere, tail gate parties growing and growing as the day went on. During the day when not riding around we set up next to the OK BICYCLE SHOP, there was a couple of parties going on outside and bikes all around. People would stop and talk to us and just share the good mood that was flowing all over the place. When the sun started to drop I took Coop back to the shotgun house, feed him and left him at home. Dogs aren't allowed downtown in the thick of it all and aren't allowed along the parade route. So most of the day was avoiding the big crowds, which is fine my me. But when the sun went down I wanted to get down in the pit of it all. So with the pup left behind and a couple of coolers packed full of beers that I planed to sell, I made my way downtown. As I approached Bienville Square the streets became more and more filled with people. I made my way into the middle of the madness and took in the sights. People everywhere, on the sidewalks, in the streets, up on the balconies, spilling out of the bars and asleep in the shadows! Beads and Beer getting tossed about. Music bumping from the huge speakers. Peoples staggering around, smiling and singing. After I got parked, people started showing up on the bikes. Bucky, Lindsay, Brad, Stein, and I had a line of them in the street. I, with a lot of help from Lindsay, sold a good amount of beers. We made double of the initial investment so that was nice. During the evening people would break off and go on a ride thru the crowd to get a better look. I went on one of these rides and had stopped to take a couple pics, I then tried to catch up to homeboy and while standing up on the pedals and pushing down hard the chain came off right at the top of the rotation, so my left foot was smashed into the pavement and the pedal rolled over my foot bending my toes backward. I have never experienced a pain like that before and was sure that I had broken my toes. I made my way back to the gang and sold beer for a hour or so and then headed home. I iced and elevated my foot that night.

When I woke up on Monday I looked down to see a swollen, bruised and unrecognizable foot. I made some calls and determined that going to a hospital was my best bet. I figured that I was going to have to fork over some money at some point so I might as well be billed from a hospital, rather than a county health clinic. I am waiting it out to see what is to happen after 2012. After getting a couple of x-rays and lots of squeezing on my foot the Dr. determined that I wasn't broken. I was very sprained and was given a Rx and told to stay off it for a couple days. I headed home to rest and hoped for a day filled with Fat Tuesday festivities.

Tuesday morning when I woke up I did an evaluation on my left foot and decided it wasn't a good idea to put any pressure on my toes. I have waited over 3 wks for this day, Fat Tuesday is the day to party for Mardi Gras and I was stuck on the couch with my foot in the air. As I laid there I thought over the time spent here in Mobile. Every weekend there was something going on and during the week I was busy doing things with people that I have met. I have had a great time in this city of Mobile.

But it is time to move. By the time I leave Mobile on Saturday I will have been here for 4 weeks. It was a much needed break, other than my throbbing foot, I feel great. I'm rested, fatten up and ready to roll. I have gotten some calls and emails from people telling me not to stop and to get moving. Hey, it's my adventure so I'll go as fast or slow as I feel. Don't worry folks I have not lost sight of the goal and one of the goals is to try to find the next city or place to move to. I love it down here in Mobile and have got a good feel of what this city has to offer. I want to thank everyone down here in Mobile again. And a big thanks to everyone who has begun to follow me and who have followed me before I left. I'm excited to see the road unroll in front of me again and to sleep in my tent with my pup.

Till next time
Love and Licks
Sean and Coop

February 16, 2010

Joe Cain Day.

Joe Cain Day. This is a Mobile exclusive. Joe Cain is a historical figure in this city and every year they have a huge celebration to honor him. Its the peoples parade, so anyone can sign up for it, it is the largest and longest parade.

This is what Joe Cains gravestone reads:

Here lies old Joe Cain

The heart and soul of Mardi Gras in Mobile

Joseph Stillwell Cain

Slacabamorinico - Old Slac

1832 - 1904

In 1866, Joe Cain dressed as a mythical Chickasaw Chief, and might have seemed comic - but certain perceptive ones realized he represented the epitome of victory - for the Chickasaws were never defeated in all their history. So Joe Cain, with his masquerade, lifted this region from despair and revived the ancient French observance of Boeuf Gras - now known in Mobile as Mardi Gras - thus inaugurating the dispute as to who had Mardi Gras first - Mobile or New Orleans?

Mobile had it first, but New Orleans was the first to call its carnival Mardi Gras...

The Boeuf Gras society was already 150 years old in 1861, when it disbanded because of the war...

According to tradition - Joe Cain was the first folly to chase the devil round a stump...

Joe Cain founded the Tea Drinkers in 1846...

Here lies, also, Joe Cain's beloved Wife

Elizabeth Rabby Cain

1835 - 1907

So on this historic day Bucky, Lindsey and I hit the streets to see what it was all about. Coop wasn't allowed to come downtown in the square because for some silly reason they don't allow dogs downtown during Mardi Gras celebrations. He was pretty upset. I loaded up some coolers in attempt to sell some beer to get some money together. I made some dough and planned on heading back down there on Tuesday to really make some cash.

Its was like a big tail gate party. Grills, Music, Dancing, Drinking. Man I love this city.

I was able to bring Coop out during the day but had to stay away from the Parades. He just wanted to be by the food!

People everywhere having a good 'ol time. These folks had set up a pretty stocked bar on the tailgate of the Jeep. I had one of their Bloody Marys, really spicy.

The crowds were out in full force Sunday night after the Joe Cain Day Parade. This is the biggest night for drinking in Mobile. Fat Tuesday is more of a family day in Mobile, and Joe Cain Parade is just found in Mobile.
When the crowds are out that means the cops are out. They made their presence known on foot and on horse. The cops down here work some serious overtime during these Mardi Gras celebrations. Not only do they work their normal shift but then have to work a MG shift which is about 6 to 8 hours. By the end of the two and half weeks that is Mardi Gras these guys and gals of law enforcement are pretty short fused. Dealing with drunk folks every night would get on any persons nerves.

Everyone was on the beg for some beads!

People drunk all around with out a care in the world.

Love all around!

So later that night I jumped on one of the beach cruisers to take a spin in the tightly packed crowds. I stopped to take a picture of this guy below. After snapping a couple I tried to catch up to the group. I was pedaling pretty hard and all the sudden the chain came off....

...as my left foot was coming to the top of the rotation and when the chain let loose my foot slammed into the pavement and the pedal pushed my foot between the pedal and the pavement bending my toes backward. What pain. I have never broken anything before in my life and so when the pain set in on my foot I was pretty sure that I had broken a toe or two. After that I headed home to rest, and ice it.

The next day I woke up to a very swollen, discolored, and very sore foot. I debated on the course of action to be taken; health clinic, hospital, or just man thru it. I have always been a big fan of manning thru it, but this time around I wasn't man enough! So I headed to the hospital to ensure a better care, hopefully! After some x-rays and lots of squeezing on my tender toes They decided that I was not broken, just really sprained. I am told that I need to stay off it for a couple days and then after that I can determine when I will be able to go. I need to get a move on so I hope to hit the road by Friday or Saturday. Due to the fact I couldn't walk or ride a bike I wasn't able to go down to the Fat Tuesday Celebration. It was a beautiful day and would of been a good day but I couldn't of made it 30 min down there. I have been so careful not to hurt myself or put myself in harms way and I jack my foot up riding a bike! Go figure.
Till Next Time
Love and Licks
Sean and Coop.

February 14, 2010

Snow day and Birthday

So Friday was the first time in history that every state, except Hawaii, had some sort of snow fall/precipitation. I got a call that morning from Lindsey to see if we wanted to take a drive north to see some snow on the ground. I drove Lindsey and her daughter Ella about an hour north.

We ended up driving by a house that had a huge yard with great snow coverage. I pulled up and went to the door to see if it would be OK to play in the yard. I explained to the nice lady that the 5 yr old girl had never seen snow before. She said 'no problem, have fun!'

We each made a snowman. This was mine. Coop jumped up and sniffed the face!

Snowman tracks!

Cooper tracks!!

I really didn't want to see snow on this trip, but it was fun to go out and play! I'm glad it didn't stick and the next following days it was in the 60s!

Coop had a blast running around. We all had a snow ball fight and when we would throw one at Coop he would bite at it and it would disintegrate in his mouth!

The next day was Coop and my birthday. We went out to the flea market after I cashed in on my free birthday Grand Slam at Denny's! The flea market was great people watching.

Later that night we headed over to the Alabama Music Box to see the Super Nice Bros. The crowd there was great. Mardi Gras was in full swing. The parades have been going everyday for days now and the Music Box was staying open 100 hours starting on Friday!! You could go there and sleep for a couple hours on the floor and then get right back to drinking! If I would of been here 10 years ago I wouldn't of survived!!

The Super Nice Bros. put on an amazing show. The crowd was jumping all around. Some people were dressed up and had paint on the face. Pretty much everyone there had beads on.

I have seen them twice now, and Appleseed hasn't had a shirt on for either. And Ponytail slowly undresses as the show goes on, by the end of it all he is left wearing is boxers and a wife beater!

After the show we headed over to Paddy O'Tooles to see Bucky and have a few more. It was a good night and I didn't get crazy. I have learned that the day after a birthday is sometimes the worst day of the year!!!

Thanks everyone for the great Birthday. Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and gifts for Cooper and I. Happy to see 31!!
Love and licks
Sean and Cooper

February 12, 2010


It's in full swing down here. From the first day I rolled in, its been thick in the air around us. The first couple of days we were in Mobile, we were cruising around on Dauphin St. taking in the sites. A couple doors down from the Tattoo Shop with the Gallery above it is the A&M Peanut Shop, this place has been around for more than 50 years and hasn't changed a thing when it comes to roasting and preparing their goods. While we were stopped that first day talking to Nadine, Ms. Debbie the proprietor of this fine shop brought us out some fresh roasted nuts and popcorn, and with a smile said "welcome to Mobile". Over the next couple of days while riding down town I would stop in to say hello and get her take on this great city and the Mardi Gras action that was to be going on. Every time we would sit out front the shop and chat she would bring out a little sample bag of goodies for me to munch on. One day she asked if we needed any dog food because she had just switched her dogs and had half a bag left over. She lugged out half a 30 lbs bag to give to us. I couldn't thank her enough.

Last weekend I went to the Music Box, to see The Super Nice Bros. Really fun rocking band, they have a Facebook Page so check them out. Anyway while I was taking in this great sound I started chatting with a young guy there by the name of Miles. I shared with Miles my adventure on the road and he was very interested in hearing all about it. He asked if I would be interested in a home cooked meal. Never passing up on such a thing I said 'sure thing bub'. We exchanged info and got back to rockin. A couple days later I get a call from Miles asking when would be a good day. 'Any day is a good day to eat a home cooked meal!' was my response. So we made plans for a Thursday night dinner out at his Ma and Pa house. Miles and his friend Shannon picked me up that night and drove out to 8 mile where his folks live. On the way out there Miles let me in on the menu for the evening; Chicken and Rice, Collard Greens with a pepper sauce, Black eyed Peas with a squash relish, Corned Beef Hash and homemade Biscuits!!! I was drooling like Cooper after hearing what we were about to shove in our faces!! When we arrived, my nose was filled with rich smells of good food and my eyes were filled with a sweet smile from his Mama. Mrs. Phillips had out done herself. We said our hellos and got to filling our plates. During the meal not a whole lot was said due to the fact that none of us youngens where breathing! But after our bellies where full and the table cleared we started in on a chat. I explained to Mrs. Phillips of our journey and I kept noticing her glancing over at Miles when I would say how great it is to live on the road. She noticed this and said that Miles has the same dream and idea of getting out there and living in it. But I could tell that if he were to do such a thing that she would be beside herself with worry. Just a mom being a mom. My mom was and still is the same. But me being 6 years older than Miles and me being just me she has gotten used to the idea that I can't sit still. My family really didn't agree with this whole idea of mine, I had told them about it 6 months or so before I left. They said things like; "what are you running away from? You can't just cop out on reality. There are a lot of crazy people out there." But two days after I left all I heard from all of them is "This is the greatest thing ever!! We are all behind you!!" No matter what people think you gotta do whats right for you and only you. They'll get it sooner or later. But anyway it was nice of Miles to offer up his moms good cooking to feed me and make me feel welcome. Thanks Miles and thank you very much Mrs. Phillips.

It's not just in Mobile that this Hospitality thing happens. I started to notice it once I got south of VA. Its the small things; a wave as you pass on by, a hello from a stranger, Please and Thank You is heard more, and Yes Sir/Ma'am are heard from the young ones. But it is a lot more present down here in Mobile. In everything in everyday life. You just feel good walking around this place, looking people in the eye, smiling and saying hello. I remember when I first moved to NYC and rode the subway for the first time. I sat down next to a lady and said "hello how are you?" She shot me a look of shock and asked "where are you from." I informed her "I just moved here from Iowa!" She grinned and said "lesson #1 don't say hello or even talk to anyone on the train keep to yourself!" I was blown away. It's really not that bad and have learned who to talk to on the trains but for the most part she was right. That's the Northern Mentality that you can find in NYC.

I still haven't come across any other "pedal tramps"(people who travel by way of cycling) but have come into contact with a couple that are on the road. Now I'm gonna tell you about them and give you their website but please don't throw me aside when you see what they got going on. I almost threw myself aside. These two know what they are doing in all respects of living like this. That's all I'm gonna say. Check it out for yourself. http://www.pathlesspedaled.com/ I should be meeting up with them in Texas.

And for my closing remarks I'm going to repost from April of '09. I hope you read it and know anything is possible..

I received this the other day. It makes me feel great that I have inspired someone like this. I hope I have inspired all of you in one way or another. Everyone should have an adventure no matter how big or small. You have to have love to do what you want. Go out and get it no matter what, I am.

I wanted to write and say thanks.

Back in March you were at Piper's Kilt for St. Patrick's Day
The bar was packed
We were three, drinking some Guinness
As we were talking a hand nudged it's way into our conversation, slowly pushing a piece of paper.
We took the paper and read it.
Rickshaw what?
America huh?
Then we met you. When we asked you why you said,
"In this economy, might as well have some fun."

What you may not have realized was 5 minutes prior to your marketing campaign I had been crying. Stupidly... uncontrollably..embarrassingly in a bar...over a beer. I was planning a big change in my life and I was confused and scared. Your comment, in that moment, fit so perfectly with what my friends and I were talking about that a part of my decision crystallized and came clear...a sign I guess...that my decisions were good.

It's funny the way our lives work. We make decisions and go with them and trust and pray that they are good and hopefully beautiful. But I think it's important to thank the people that help us along the way. Our friends, our families, our students, and teachers, and even strangers.

So thanks Sean - for sharing a bit of your light in a bar over a beer


February 10, 2010

Sick in Mobile

So that Monday morning after the Superbowl I woke to a soreness in my throat and congestion in my face. It seems that walk in the cold and all the socializing was catching up to me. I couldn't swallow very well at all and was having problems breathing. I hate being sick and I feel if the weather was on the norm down here I would be fine. Cold weather is very defeating to me and it surprises me that I still haven't lived somewhere warm year around. The aches in my body where all over, mostly in the joints. I really could use a rubdown but am unable to afford such a luxury or find someone willing to do pro-bono work on my back and legs. 'Shelly O where are you?' Anyway sick. It was breath visible cold that morning in the shotgun house. I stayed in the sleeping bag next to the pup till the sun came out and we moved to the front porch, to take in some of the free vitamin D it was giving off. Coop is becoming very restless with me lately. I feel bad. When we are on the road we do a comparable amount of work. I work all the time and he works half the time but he is smaller than I so its comparable, and he is in better shape than most dogs, and humans for that matter. But when we come to a stop for a bit, he gets left behind a lot. I don't want to but unfortunately dogs can't go everywhere, but Mobile is the most dog friendly place we have been to so far. But he isn't even allowed downtown during the Parades, and we have been warned twice now. So being sick and laying around was not in his schedule. He wanted to chase tennis balls and play around. I wasn't much fun and only threw the balls for about 10 min. My plans were to rest up that day so I could leave out with the gang on Tues morning. Not having any money I really wasn't able to get stuff to make me feel better. Luckily I had a couple cans of chic noodle soup and drank plenty of water. The day and evening where filled with sleeping and watching TV. During the overnight I broke a bad fever. I got the worst sweats ever. I was soaked so much I had to get up change and towel off before putting new clothes on. Luckily this time around no vomiting or any other gross stuff that requires a toilet, even though I had one to use this time. But when Tues rolled around I sent Bucky a text letting him know I wouldn't be able to attend. It sucked but I didn't want to get them sick or ruin their good times. So another day of laying around with the pup. Cooper is a great snugly dog. He loves to squeeze himself between me and the back of the couch and buries his nose under me. Sometimes I wonder how he can breathe. I don't know if it is possible but I think he has caught my cold. I love this dog so much and can't wait to get moving again for his sake. He loves the time on the couch and meeting people but he is truly happy when we are on the move living day to day in nature without a care in the world. To be honest so am I. I have come to love this city and will think of it often with fond memories but there is still so much more out there to see. I feel with that little bit of unsatisfing work slinging wieners, that is was not at all what I wanted to experience. It brought back feelings of loneliness and hopelessness that I first felt when I moved to NYC and was working as a daytime server at Dallas BBQ. That placed sucked and I hated it so much that it almost sent me packing back to Iowa. But I pushed on and moved on just as I will here. I don't think the hot dog thing is going to work out. But as long as I keep my mind open and keep it positive something will come my way. Its a lot easier being broke on the move than it is when your in one place. When your on the move you have more opportunities to encounter someone or something that is going to help. But in one place you feel that you are taking advantage and become reliant on these kind people. I appreciate everything that everyone has done for us. From the beginning with Ed Murphy and the poker table guys, to all the random people that have stopped to talk, to the families I have know and not known that are happy to have us for the holidays or any time, to all the great people I have met down here in Mobile. You guys are making it hard to leave but making it easy to come back. But most of all my own friends and family that have donated money to us when it is needed. Thanks Mom and Dad, Cindy(MA), Nick (over and over), Sunnie (the best ex wife a guy could ask for), Sarah, Nate and the list goes on. I love you all and hope I am making you proud.

Till next time

Love and Licks

Sean and Coop

Being a bum is fun....

....but being broke sucks. I had this whole idea of selling hot dogs for the OK Bicycle Shop, to make some extra cash. Saturday I went to the Shop at noon to get things ready. I went and got the cart out of storage and took it back to the Shop to clean it up and get it stocked. We made a shopping list of things needed to get it up and running to sling wieners. I got out on the streets around 5. I hit the parade route and walked it 1 1/2 times. Now this cart is about a couple hundred pounds loaded and doesn't have the best wheels for easy rolling so I was having to put a lot of work into moving this thing around. I was selling Loaded Dogs for $4 and Soda and Water for a buck. As I walked the route I heard all sorts of things yelled out. "you got hot coco?" I didn't, but would have millions right now if I had. "You got a beer?" Again I didn't, but would have trillions if I had! And my favorite "You expect me to pay $4 just to have to shit in 30 minutes in that nasty porta john?!" My response to her was 'don't get the chili!' Sold! Once the parade passed by the Bike Shop I went inside and got a bite to eat. The tacos there are amazing; the Crispy Fish and Pork are my favorites. I talked to more people about what it is I'm doing. The longer I stay here the harder it is to talk about it. I feel I am losing touch with the adventure and am ready to get going but need to wait it out as planned. I have packages coming for Coop and I for our Birthday on Sat Feb 13. I really can't image spending my 31st anywhere but Mobile now. After warming up, I made my way downtown to sit up in front of the bars. I had been down there earlier around 9 but there was no one out yet because everyone was still at the parade. But now after 11 there were lines for a couple of bars and just overflow on the sidewalks and street. I stopped a couple times on my way to the main intersection on Dauphin St. to sell a couple dogs here and there and chat with people who recognized me from seeing me at the parade or riding around with Coop. As I made my way past a large group, that's when I saw it. There was a double wide version of what I had set up on sidewalk just about where I had planned to stake my claim. This guy and his gal were the dog slinging duo. He stepped down onto the street and asked what the story was. I can't remember his name, and I'm not going to make it up because it was very fitting for this guys character. Anyway this guy starts asking questions 'who you with, how much you selling, why you down here?' But the most important thing was "there is room for only one vendor down here, so just stick to walking the parade." With that said I called back to Headquarters and asked where else downtown would be a good spot to set up. Their response was' back here and put up for the night.' So back I went, unpacked, flipped, wrapped, labeled and put away. I sold 28 hot dogs that day. I didn't even eat one because I didn't want it to cut into my %. At the end of it all, 13 hours after I had gotten down there, I made $30. Money is money and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do something to earn it. But that was hard swallow.

The weather down here has been cold. I was looking at pictures from last year. Most everyone is wearing short sleeves at night and a lot of people wearing shorts. The weather here has been in the mid 40s during the day and getting down to low 30 during the night. Most of the houses and apt buildings don't have the proper insulation and are just old. Right now at 1 pm I'm wearing two layers on the legs and 4 layers on the body with a scarf and stocking cap. I would have gloves on but not good for the typing. When I wake in the morning on the couch I can see my breath.

Sunday brought the Super Bowl. Two weeks ago I had said I was staying here to see the Saints win. And I called it. WHO DAT NATION was loud and proud!! What a game, hardly any penalties and only a couple crucial turnovers. I was invited by Bucky to a house party at Cissie and Kathleens. They had and TV in both main rooms, one in the kitchen where a buffet was set up with all sorts of great tasting food and one outside with the fire pit. I moved from TV to TV taking to everyone and getting there vibe on this historic game. The tension was high and folks were nervous about the Saints winning it all. But I assured them all that they were going to win. Its already been planned and taken care of. Some of them looked at me sideways with questionable eyes and some did believe. But in the end we all believed and there was hugs, kisses, and dancing around getting crumped!! After the party winded down we talked with the hostess about their plans on Tuesday. See win or lose the city of New Orleans was throwing the Saints a parade. A float from every committee was being donated for this parade, something like this has never been done before. They are shutting down the city that day. If you didn't have anything to do with the madness you didn't have to work so pretty much emergency and service industry people had to work everyone else was off. Anyway these gals have been season ticket holders for years now and Bucky has gone to many games with them. So they got a room with a balcony for the parade. Once they won they asked Bucky and I if we would like to go. Bucky and I had made plans to go to a ball that night in Mobile for the Le Shes. I have never been to a ball and Bucky found a place to get a tux for less than $50, which I don't have, but once this proposition came to our ears we called off the ball and decided on the All Saints Parade instead. No one has ever experianced a parade like this in New Orleans so why not be a part of history.And Bucky is pretty sure I will be back again and can attend a ball at that time. Afterward we made our way over to Paddy O'Tooles to check on the Faithful there. We were greeted with shouts of joys, high fives, and hugs all around. We hung out there for a bit Bucky had to jump behind the bar to help out Buddy as he was the only one working this crazed crowd. After a bit and a couple of beers Bucky told me he was taking off due to a early tennis lesson he had the next day. I told him I could find a ride and not to worry. I had been playing pool and darts with Molly and Stephen. I was sure that I could get a ride from them. But it turned out to be Stephens Birthday at the stroke of Midnight so they started to get trashed. I ended up driving them back to her place and we started to play video games. I was cool with the situation, I was on the love seat, Stephen on the couch and Molly sitting on the floor in front of the couch. When all the sudden Stephen jumps up and asked to speak to Molly in the back. I take over on the controls and a few minutes later Molly comes out. I had asked her earlier in the night what their situation was. She informed me that they had dated at one time and it didn't work out but they stayed close friends. I can relate to this considering I am friends with about 85% of all my ex girlfriends. When you spend time with a person for a bit that person becomes your friend, companion, go to guy, and partner in crime. They know things about you your best same sex friends don't even know. So how can you just throw that history and friendship away if you break up. I understand if they hurt you or you hurt them, but for the most part you end up hurting someone because you don't know when its time to quit the relationship. I know I'm not a good boyfriend, but I'm a great friend. Most of my ex girlfriends have said 'your a better boyfriend when your not my boyfriend.' I know when the other isn't happy and that's what I want most, I want them to be happy and most of the time its not with me. So when Molly comes back out I say 'you guys are still together huh.' I wasn't planning on anything happening. I have enjoyed this time of solitude. Its something very new to me and something I need to experience. But at the same time I don't want to be put into awkward situation and that is what this just turned into. She informed me that they are still "kinda" together. My only response 'love is a crazy thing.' She said I could stay there for the night on the couch and they could give me a ride in the morning (even more awkward!!) I said thanks but no thanks and bundled up for the walk home. It was just under 5 miles and the temp that night was in the low 30s. As I walked home during the wee hours of the morning, it made me think back to the days of the late night walks in NYC. There was something always going on in the streets. But here in Mobile it was quite. People asked me the next day weren't you worried. I think about it, and right now nothing really worries me or scares me. I have this kinda unstoppable, invincible, arrogance about me now. I'm very self assured in who I am and what I can handle and I can handle anything right now. It all belongs to me and no one can take that away.

Till next time
Love and licks
Sean and Coop

February 1, 2010

Why Mobile

As you have read, I have decided to kick around here in Mobile for awhile. The reason being is it just feels right. From the time I rolled into Mobile everything has come into play. And it all started with Bucky Hicks. (He's not as redneck as it sounds!). Bucky is the man in Mobile, pretty much everyone I have met, young and old, knows Bucky. He's a town favourite and just a damn good guy!
I have come to know what Mobile has to offer by way of Bucky. He has taken me to a couple disc golf courses, bars, houses, rides and runs. On Tuesday nights there is an organised run that takes place down by the Mellow Mushroom. Bucky and I decided to join. We took to the wheels due to the fact that I don't run anymore. The last time I ran for fun was the last day I was in the Army! We met the runners in the street and peddled around and talked to them. When we got back to Mellow we parked the Trike and went inside for a couple pints. On the way back to the house we were cruising right along. It was dark out and at the last minute Bucky yelled for me to hang a right. Now I have been on the trip for 4 months, and this was the first time that I had ridden this beast under the influence. I wasn't drunk but I sure wasn't sober! So when he hollered out to turn I cranked on the bars to try to make the tight turn. With no weight in the back this thing took to two wheels and gave me the feeling that it wanted to tip over so I straightened the wheel in an attempt to keep all three on the road. But that lead me straight into the curb. It put a big warp into my tire. Bucky rode up next to me and started to apologise. 'You got nothing to be sorry about Buck its my own damn fault!'. He held up the front while I removed the wheel and slammed it as straight as possible on the street. Then we put it together and took it nice and slow the rest of the way. The next day I called Sun and told them my problem. They stand by their rims and are sending me a complete, bigger, tougher rim. I also got a new chain, bearings, and rear cassette from Main Street. So sometime this week I am going to head over to Spoke N Trail Inc. The owner Brad with the help of his trusted employee Jess are going to help me do some overhauling.
The disc golf courses down here are great. I have only played two so far and I think they have 8 or so. The first one was out at the University Campus. Really nice course but not labelled very well, if Bucky wouldn't of been there I would of been lost. The other course we went to was Municipal Park. Huge wide open course. I think the longest distance from tee to basket was over 600 feet! There was a guy sitting at the first hole waiting for a good game. We had met him a couple days before on the last couple of holes. He has a nice style about him. His name is Kelly and he's 71 years young. He's a retired cop and just spends his day outside throwing the plastic. He jumped up on our arrival and joined us for a round. He shoots from the hip. Just a couple of quick steps and a flick of the wrist and its sails out low and straight. I started calling him 'Cool hand Luke'! After the game we headed over to a organised bike ride. Jess from Spoke N Trail hooked me up with a bike to ride due to the fact I have a wobble in mine. It kinda sucked not having the Trike and dog. But it felt good to be on two wheels and moving fast. It took me a minute to get used to it. I haven't been on bike other than the Trikes this whole trip and 3 wheels is a lot different than 2!! During the ride I chatted with other cyclist mostly Susan. She works for a medical company and is very active, I met her on the Tue night run. She asked if I would be interested in going to a Senior Bowl house party on Saturday and I said sure.
The morning of the Senior Bowl she took me out for breakfast at the 'Tiny Diny'. We met her sister and niece there. This place was good, huge plate sized pancakes and homemade biscuits and gravy! Her sister Mary Stowe and I chatted about the adventure. While Susan and Mary Fran played at the table. Its been nice sitting with all these great people. There are some pretty lonely times on the road and its gonna get even more so once I get into west Texas and beyond. But I will be able to look back on these time of humanity and smile.
After breakfast and goodbyes. Susan gave me a tour. She took me by the Catholic Nunnery. Very old and beautiful church. Susan is somewhat of a history buff so she gave me a nice schooling on the area. After the tour she dropped me off at Kelly's house and we made plans to meet later at the Bowl house party. I got changed and got the ride and pup ready to go. As we were heading downtown to catch a parade, a jeep pulls up and the girl behind the wheel asked if I was the guy Bucky was talking about. I told her I most likely was. She is taking a photo journalism class and asked if she could take some shots of us. I told her sure. Lindsay got some good ones and then I told her I was heading downtown and to the house party if she wanted to join. She said sure. We had missed the parade so we went to the house party. The house was about a block and a half away from the Stadium so there were people everywhere. We pulled up to a lawn full of people and a little yellow lab puppy named Biscuit. We talked to a lot of people and took a ride over to the Stadium to get in on the action of senior bowl. That place was packed. There were people there that had camped for a couple of nights in their RVs. Grills were smoking, music was pumping, and beer a swigging! We talked some more to folks down there and then headed back to the party. I didn't really watch the game so I have no idea of who even won. I took it easy that night and hung out with Kelly.
Kelly has been unemployed for a month or so. She is an Architect drafter. Mobile is big but not really. People down here call it the Smallest big City. So she has been having troubles finding steady work. Even during her hard times she is generous to put us up for the duration of our stay. I have gotten groceries and try to feed her whenever we are home. I am going to be selling hot dogs for the busy wk leading up to fat Tuesday. I plan on paying some of her utilities before we go. If you stay somewhere for 3 wks your a room mate not a house guest! I'm not a mooch or a freeloader, I'm just lucky to have met really nice people.
The next two weeks are going to be filled with riding around and taking in the energy of Mardi Gras. I plan on hitting up some more disc golf courses and getting to know this great city some more. I want to thank everyone that I have met down here in Mobile. You all are great and are making this fine city number one on my list so far. If ya see me around please stop and chat and give Coop some love.

Till next time,
Love and Licks
Sean and Coop