One of my biggest rules on this trip was what I could and couldn't ask for.
During this entire trip the only things I can ask for is
Directions and Water.
I can't ask for
Shelter  (unless we are in danger!)

Everything has to be offered.
And when it is I usually don't refuse!

I had planned on having to stop and get work from time to time
but have been able to survive solely on the kindness and generosity of strangers.

Some people have asked how they can help us out
The best thing is to donate to us using the PayPal link on the HOME page.
A couple bucks goes a long way, considering we shop at dollar stores.
If you want to send a personal care package all you have to do is send me a email or text found on the CONTACT page, and I will get back to you with a address that is a weeks ride away.
Here are some items that I would highly appreciate to receive if you want to send a care package to Cooper and myself.

Snacks like:
snicker bars
peanut m&ms
cheez its (any flavor)
trail mix
dried fruit
granola bars
Home made
baked goods

Dog food
dog treats
tennis balls for cooper

Another thing that you can do to support us is to follow along on this blog.
If you scroll down on the HOME page you will see a block of followers and a "Follow"
button above that. All you have to do is press that button and sign in.
That's it.  Simple.
And above that Followers area is a
"Share this" area.
If you have a Facebook profile
or a Twitter profile.
Please share us on your page.
This helps us reach your friends and family

Thanks for all the help and support.
Sean and Coop