September 10, 2009


So I built the frame for the box over the holiday weekend and made up the mock cover. I just got the cover material, and the springs for the suspension in the mail today. So we will be putting that together this weekend. The box is solid but not pretty, luckily I have a friend Mia who is helping me construct the cover! The material is more like plastic but it is completely waterproof. We'll have to work on the seat cushions for Coop.
I put up the address for mail and care packages to be sent to. It is my friend Nicks place he is going to receive all of them and then put together packs to send me on the road. There is a couple of Jr. High school classes that are going to be following us, and are going to be sending packages and emails for us. Some stuff we would like is baked goods, wool socks, and pet store gift cards for Coop so we can get him food, treats, and toys.

After it is all built I'll throw up some pics. 21 days. later

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