September 20, 2009


Well after many hours of sweat, blood and lots of swearing, I am proud to present my Rickshaw. The cover is cut glued and is attached with Velcro, the seat cushions are foam with a waterproof fabric. and the whole set up is sitting on 4 large springs. It seems lighter than the original set up, and has a bunch more storage. The interior in completely water-resistant. My friend Mia has helped me so much with the fabrication and assembly of this box, Thank You Mia! I owe you big time. We are only 11 days out, I'm getting nervous but still very excited. I'll write more later after I have rode this thing some more.

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Ashlock said...

Nice modification Sean. Hope Ya packed warm clothes and gear. It's getting cold here fast. Our thoughts and prayer are with you. Steer clear of the freaks of the world (there are many). Keep in contact and talk to Cooper cause you may go stir crazy with all the time alone time.

Love Ya Sean.