June 16, 2009


So I finally got the footage from the 5 Boro up. Couple of things. Carlos did the filming and we weren't able to get him a pass to ride in the event so he was stuck on the sidelines, so therefor there is not a lot of me at all in this. But there is a lot of great footage and it was hard to decide what to keep. So we sped everything up and put it all on there to the Beastie Boys, An Open Letter to NYC off of their The 5 Boroughs CD. And as of right now if you click on the video it well come up as an error. If you click on the You Tube logo at the bottom of the strip of clips you can watch directly on my channel on You Tube. So please enjoy and don't watch over and over because it might make you throw up.


P.S. Thanks C-Los for putting this all together for me.

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