June 14, 2009

June 13-14

I brought the Rickshaw into the city via C-los's truck to check out the Subway Series (go Yankees), and cruised around 161st and River avenue, talking to various people along the way. I had a small setback when I broke a pedal on the McCombs Dam Bridge, which subsequently forced me to walk the Rickshaw to the doorstep of the new Yankee Stadium. To deal with my broken pedal, I was forced to pull the Rickshaw up on the curb and onto the sidewalk, in order to not block road traffic. I talked to a group of interested police officers, who reacted in amazement as I explained the plans for my journey. Our conversation was then broken up by a hard nosed commander, who went berserk, that the men in his command had not given me a ticket for having the Rickshaw parked on the sidewalk. He ORDERED one of his men to give me a ticket. I argued and pleaded my case, explaining that I had to deal with the broken pedal, and didn't want to block traffic, but none of it impressed the commander, who continued to shout at everything around him. As the officer wrote me the ticket, I could tell on his face, that he thought it was bullshit, but he was just following orders. I guess the city really needs my 35$! I was able to procure another pedal from a bike shop about five blocks away, and was back on the road in no time, but my time at the Stadium was done. I rode back into the city and made my way uptown, where I found a garage that let me put the Rickshaw to bed for the night.

The next day, I took the Shaw down to the "Big Apple BBQ," at Madison Square Park, I rode around awhile, but the long lines prevented me from trying any of the food (epic fail!)

So then we scrambled over to Pinch & S'mac, this was the last spot that I was a Chef at. I love this food. If your in the city or here on a visit this is a place to go. Its on 81st and Columbus.

I then made my way to the Bike Path that runs along the West Side, and I was smooth sailing along the "bicycle super highway", as I cruised uptown, I was joined by a fellow Rickshaw operator that was out for a nice Sunday ride. His name is J.C and he works the downtown circuit.
While we were riding and talking I really didn't focus on the road ahead and was surprised how easy it was to go up the hills on the west side when not thinking about them, I'm glad I'll have a traveling partner to ride with to make the time go by.

I could sense an approaching tide, that grew as the streets went from double digits, to triple digits. The music blared louder and louder, as massive throngs of Puerto Ricans partied and danced by the Hudson River, boys chasing girls, men chasing women, all happening as I weaved slowly through the crowds of celebrating Puerto Ricans. They were most certainly in charge here! Celebrating in the shadows of the George Washington Bridge.
The weekend trip turned out to be a
successful one, the Yankees won the series (Thanks Castillo), I'm learning more and more about my Rickshaw, and most importantly, I didn't get arrested.

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Pinch & S'MAC said...

Love the Blog Sean, thanks for the shot out!!! Gotta bring the rickshaw down to the seaport one of these days. Best,