March 11, 2009

Long Road Ahead

So today I decided its time to ride. I have only gone twice this year and it was only for 15 min or so. Today I went for a solid hour. For the first ten I had Cooper with me. He just wanted to take off at a full sprint, way to hard to control the situation with him almost pulling me down the street. So we worked on a nice steady pace. I think with a couple more rides he will get the hang of it. Maybe we will go to the woods this weekend and ride free!
As for the next 50 min it was hard pushing though the streets of Queens, up and down hills, avoiding angry commuters trying to get home, and just watching life grind on around me. I pushed hard until my legs burned, and my lungs about burst. It felt good. But it made me realize I have been doing a whole lot of nothing this winter. With my job I spend a lot of time in the car or at my house, my only form of exercise was when I would take Cooper for a walk. What happened to me I used to be on the go all the time and now I have turned into a lazy unmotivated blob. But no more! I am riding, I'm setting the pace, the dream of this project is coming true everyday. When I talk to people about this adventure they think I'm crazy, but think it is a great idea. It makes me smile and a energy surges through me. It makes me push harder on the bike and on this adventure.

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