March 10, 2009

A little about Sean, Cooper, and Pierre

This is a little bio on the three of us.
Sean Robinson was born in England and grew up in "The Tall Corn State": Iowa. After High School he joined the US Army and worked as a cook. For five years, he had an amazing experience traveling the world. In April '02 he went back home to spend time with his family. In 2004, Sean and three of his best friends moved to NYC. He attended culinary school and worked in some of the best restaurants in Manhattan. After working in such a stressful environment as a chef for four years, Sean made a drastic change in his profession. He got a job managing Pet Haven, a pet crematory. This allowed him more time to spend with friends, especially his best friend, Cooper.

Cooper is a rescue pitbull from a park in upper Manhattan. He was found on a rainy night when he was about 6 months old with a heavy chain and lock around his neck. A local pet shop owner and her groomer took Cooper in and found him a home in upstate New York. He was living the good life, running around but lacked the discipline he deserved and needed. He was pulled from the farm and was fostered by a dog walker who worked with him daily for months. Then in July 2008 Sean adopted Cooper. He now enjoys spending time at the disc golf courses, slobbering on tennis balls, camping, and pulling Sean on his skateboard.

Pierre Larochelle was born in New England and grew up in the "Live Free or Die" state. Back in Ninety-Eight he moved to 1864 67th Street over in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He developed into a bartending, card loving, cigarette smoker that eventually ventured out to Las Vegas, Nevada in one of those cold winter months of 2008. Out in the desert, in one of those warm mirages, he spent three months living with the heathens before finding an eight foot bicycle that some guy didn't want; apparently. After sprucing the bike up he took it on the road for a journey of some kind. It took him thru the deserts of Nevada and Southern California on into the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice. Before returning back to New York he took the bicycle a little bit further; out of curiousity. It led him to San Diego and on down into Tijuana. Once in Tijuana he kept on going. He pedaled all the way along the Pacific Coast of Mexico passing through every town along the way, hopping from beach to beach, all the way to Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. With more interest in living, rather than dying he put the bike down and headed back to New York. He is currently on the Appalachian Trail for another journey of some kind and plans to be back in New York for the Rickshaw Adventure in August.


Melissa said...

I believe I saw you today. I took notice because my initial thought was "Why in the world is there a rickshaw in Milton, Florida". I was driving, but I managed to catch "Rickshaw USA" on the back of your rickshaw. I googled it. And I must say I'm really happy that this is what I found. Thank you.

cheese said...

YO~!!!,....i met you at paddys, in mobile, al. my name is burger, the fat dude, with the saints blanket, kissin that girl at the bar all night, and eatin conecah sausage lady and the tramp style with that other fat dude,.. its awsome whut your doin, a lil too drunk to read very much now,...but i will try to sumtime, it seems interesting,...WHO DAT~!!!!,...geux saints~!!!