October 23, 2010


We're staying in Austin TX for a couple years now. Too many great opertunities and people here to move on.  Thanks so much to all the people who have followed along.  I might start a new blog to share about what we are doing here, but who the hell cares.


Anonymous said...

Not that I can foresee the future but I did think you would find your place during your travels. I gotta say your choice makes a lot more sense than New York. Uncle Rob

BikerbabeNJ said...

Well, those of us who saw you from the very beginning and followed your every post would like to know.

We saw you in Whiting NJ on your second day and it was exciting to "share" your journey.

What magnificent endeavor have you taken on there, causing you to stay? Could it be a pretty 'lil lady?

We care.

Take care