April 20, 2010


I tell people that in NYC you can find pretty much anything at anytime, but in ATX you really can find anything! I have been to a Roller Derby bike ride, Tall bike Joust, Bike polo, group rides big and small, Dog days, Hot-Rods, Globetrotters, Uni-cycle football, Barton Springs, Eeyore's Birthday and so much more. I have seen this beautiful city in so many lights, at different times and from all angles and its just breathtaking. Don't get me wrong, NYC is an amazing sight to see, and I suggest to everyone I meet that they go there. But its a different thing, NYC is 22.7 sq miles, that's 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles at the widest point. Now cram close to 2 million people, animals and a bunch of huge buildings on that small slab of earth and you have New York City. That's what's amazing about driving in to NYC is knowing its all comprised of flesh, fur, and concrete!

Driving around Austin is just so visually appealing. From the people, the buildings,the area itself is pretty retro in ways. The city has a big campaign Keep Austin Beautiful. The KAB has the idea that everyone should do their part to keep their city and communities clean and beautiful. And the people agree and support KAB. This city has a real since of CO-OP. Everyone has great ideas and skills and want to get together with one another and make something bigger happen with a real pride in working within the community. It's my kinda place.

Hunting for a job has been a little rough. I really don't want to go back to the kitchen. I don't think it would be fair to Cooper, not spending that much time with him. That's why I have never had a pet before Coop. I never had the time to take care of him. But if I don't find a job soon I won't be able to put food in his bowl and that definitely is not fair. And if I go back to the kitchen it will help me want to leave come fall time, because I really like it here and think it is going to be hard for me to push on.

I will be taking part in my first moonlight ride on 4/27. The ride begins at midnight and goes till sunrise cruising around ATX by the moonlight. I am excited for this and plan on filming and taking as many pictures as possible. I will be updating my ATX pictures a lot and trying to keep you informed of my goings on here. But if I fall into some sort of routine with a regular job there isn't going to be to much exciting stuff to tell you about. But please check in from time to time I will be doing a lot of work on the other pages and product reviews. There are some great things that are being made here locally in Austin that I think you all will like and want to purchase. So stay in touch and the adventure is not over, its in full swing!

Love and Licks from ATX
Sean and Cooper

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