March 6, 2010


2560 Government St.
Baton Rouge, L.A.

The past couple of days have been very stressful. Mostly due to the unruly traffic that has been screaming up from behind on this shoulderless road labeled highway 190. These people behind the wheel of some of the biggest, loudest pickup trucks try to push me and the oncoming traffic right off the road, they have succeeded twice in the past 3 days. This road 190 is at a gradual climb, most people in a car don't realize it, but when your hauling 700+ lbs into the wind you feel it with every turn of the pedals. Coop has a sore paw, and has been on the DL for 3 days now. Last week we had a trail for a couple of days so he got to run a lot and I am afraid we might of over done it on him. I should of known better not to let him run so much, but it was so nice to be able to cruise without the presence or even the sound of cars. So I don't mind hauling him too, and he seems to know he needs the rest.
I have met a lot of people over these 3 days and they have put the media in touch with me. This is the first time a TV news station has done anything on us, and both channel 2 and 9 did a piece. Channel 9 did one on Friday evening when I was about 15 miles from BR. Allan Tumey does of a piece geared towards travel. It will be online on Monday so I'll link it then. As far as channel 2 goes, they some how had heard about me and a young lady contacted me on Facebook and wanted to set something up. I said sure and asked if she knew of a good bike shop that would be able to help me and my Trike. She suggested Mid City Bikes, this isn't the first time I have heard this name before. The last couple of day as I have neared BR I have encountered some folks on bikes or people who are really into the bike life. Most of them that where familiar with the area had suggested Mid City Bikes. I had called Travis the owner and only employee and asked if it would be cool if I stopped in and got some help, and had Channel 2 met me there for the interview. He said sure he was eager to hear more of my adventure. So I got directions and headed in.
As I pulled up to the big yellow building across from the Texaco station on Gov't St. I saw a perfect parking spot right in front of Chopper Style Tricycle and next to the old school Thai style Rickshaw, with the seat for the passenger up front, and the operator sits behind them. I strolled in and I was greeted with a "hello Rickshaw Man." Travis had looked at the blog and seen what we where all about. He stopped what he was doing and came outside to check it all out. We talked about what I needed and he said no problem. He was more than happy to help. He stepped back in the shop and put one of his cronies on the job of helping me out. We added some bar extensions for a more comfy hand position, and a half link for the saggin chain, and he stocked me up on some spare tubes, spare tire, patch kit, and a spare half link. As we finished up Rob Krieger from Channel 2 showed up for the interview. He was very excited about what we are doing. We decided to angle this interview towards the kindness of this trip. What some people don't get is I survive day to day from the kindness of strangers. When I left NYC I had about $500 to my name that ran out pretty fast due to the fact that I had to get stuff that I needed once I left. I had planned to stop off and work here and there doing whatever needed to be done to make a honest buck. But I have been able to get by with what people decide to share with me. Like I have said over and over, I only ask for water and directions. I don't beg or panhandle, I'm not a mooch or a freeloader. People who have met me and some who have never met me have donated money to us via Paypal. A couple bucks here and there go along way when you shop at Dollar General! And because Travis believes in what we are doing he helped me out by giving me the parts and materials needed to make my ride more comfortable. And he is also putting us up for the night.
Travis Hans has been at this location for just over a year now. He has one hell of a shop. When we walked in to the left of us was about half a dozen road bikes and other motor type bikes. To the right of me is a stage with 2 sets of turn tables and a 8 piece drum set. This place was a music store before he moved in and he decided to keep the stage so him and his friends could spin records or beat on the skins when ever they needed to. He has all sorts of cruisers around the shop. A great section of road bikes and BMX. The greatest thing about this shop is whats going on in the back. See Travis and a couple of very good friends have been making their own line of BMX bikes and plan on starting on some road bike frames soon. He has a TIG welder, a huge Mill and a massive Lathe. All used to make his bikes and fix yours. The Mid City BMX line is strong, light, and fun to ride. Travis is here 6 days a wk from 10am-6pm, but if you have a problem give him a call and if he is still around he'll unlock the door and give ya a hand. Travis was more than happy to give us a hand keeping up with the notion that this nation is a kind and giving one that is being proved to me everyday of this amazing trip.

So thanks to Travis, Rob from Channel 2, Allan from 9, all the people I met at or around the Hammond LA. You all know who you are. I wish I could give a personal shout out to all the people I encounter everyday, but I have honestly talked to thousands of people in the past 5 months. Wow that in itself blows me away!! So thanks to everyone we have ever met and have never met but follow us.

Here are some links for you viewing pleasure.

Channel 2 WBRZ News

Channel 9 WAFB News 'Tumey's Travels' Its under March 9th.

Mid City Bikes

This one is of the building of a Mid City BMX Bike, and then it being rode around Baton Rouge. Its posted on Vimeo, a great site.

Till next time
Love and Licks
Sean and Cooper


Rene said...

Rain in the forecast, any stops planned in Lafayette. We have a terrier like Cooper. You both would be welcome if you're planning a stop in Cajun country. E-mail renerepp at gmail.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear this all worked out bro!


Tigerob said...

It was awesome meeting you and Coop. I hope my story can help you along your journey! Good luck my friend, enjoy the ride! Cheers

Sean said...

Some Louisiana Facts According to

Louisiana ranks #50 with respects to quality of roads.
La ranks #2 for the deadliest roads over all.
La ranks #3 in the nation for deadliest roads for DUI.
Please be safe.

You are entering an area that has Africanized bees AKA killer bees If you see a hive it is best to leave the area quietly they have been known to chase people over 1/2 mile while attacking.

Also Texas is the state known for having the greatest populations of wild pigs these are deadly can kill and eat humans and should not be approached if confronted scale a tree to protect your legs from their razor sharp tusk. Please keep this in mind when pitching your tent.