January 6, 2010

Reed Bingham State Park Pictures.

So for Christmas we stayed at Reed Bingham State Park in Georgia.
This was our campsite we had power, shower, and washer and dryer!

For us to stay there we had to do some work they gave me a Gator to drive around.
I guess it goes about 20 mph so Coop and I spent most of the time racing. He won most times.

He got distracted by an Armadillo on the side of the road he ran up to it and it curled up into a ball. He was excited that a ball had appeared in front of him so he picked it up in his mouth.

Then it straightened up and he dropped it and it ran into this hole. He chased after it and barked and whined at the hole.

After scooping out fire pits, picking up branches and busting up the piers this is where we dumped everything to burn later.

After the work was done Meagan showed me the animals they had there at the park that where rescues that they take care of and show to people.
This is Abby she is a Virgina Possum

This is me staring down Big Girl
she's a Burmese Python

Big Girl is over 10 ft. long and could easily eat Cooper!

This is Bunny Foo Foo. She is a Pixxi Frog and she has a protective wax skin on during the cold months.

This is Leroy. He is an American Alligator that was rescued after taking Boat Prop to the face.
He lost his top lip, left front foot and the end of his tail. But he still can survive with assistance. I asked what they are going to do with him once he gets to his full size of over 12 ft and they said they think about that when the time comes!

This is Kurb. He is a Black Throat Monitor. That is Meagan holding him and all the other animals. She wants to hike the AT. I hope that I have inspired her to grab hold of her dream and go for it.

This is Killer. He is a Green Iguana. And needs a serious Manicure!

Blue. the Australian Blue Tongne Skink

Redfoot the Redfoot Tortoise.

Coop checking out Red

Coop and Fergi the African Spur Tortoise

Happy Holidays
Love and Licks
Sean and Coop

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