December 6, 2009

November Noreaster at Nags Head

During the week of November 10th we witnessed Mother Natures wrath!
This was across the street from Prescott's house.

This was the evening tide on the second day of the storm.
Just two days before I was taking pictures of a perfect day of surfing!

Things on the float.

Stairs going down from the Public beach access.

Crazy waves and tide flow.

Stairs from the Public access gone 12 hours later!

This is the top pic 12 hours later! That's like 17 feet tall and 12 feet deep!

10 hours later!!

Mother Nature is not happy.
I have seen some crazy, and discussing things on this trip.
Keep it clean and don't over develop.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sean and cooper! we just met you outside of Harris Teeter in Charleston! Good luck to you and cooper, we look forward to seeing more of your journey.