July 29, 2009

The Coon-Bear...

...is alive and thriving in the woods of Pennsylvania. Carlos and I headed out to PA to meet up with Gnarly and his hiking buddy Blue-Eyes for a couple nights of camping and relaxing.

These two thru-hikers met right out side Blacksburg VA, where Blue-eyes is from, and Gnarly ended up hanging with him and his family for a couple days of food, booze, and shotguns. When we picked them up in Slateington PA they had walked 1,300 miles and have 900 ahead. The first night we sat around nursing a 1/2 gal. of Jameson and talking of adventures on the trail, and how kind people are to travelers. Gnarly ashured me that America is a caring and giving nation.

The next day we went over to the disc golf course to throw some plastic. It was C-los, Gnarly, and Blue-eyes first time at the sport. The course up there is great, front 9 big open bombers with a couple of deep woods, over the creek type shots and the back 9 is all deep woods, and button hooks. Everyone did really good and Coop ran around like a lion on the hunt.

After that we headed over to Hickory Run Lake, it's a huge lake and we were the only ones out there. There is a stone dam that Cooper plopped down in to cool off, it was such a good idea we decided to do the same that was refreshing!
Then we headed up to Boulder Field to go toss some rocks. This place is awsome, millions of years ago it was a solid slab of rock and over time with all the freezing and thawing of the glacier boulders formed of all different sizes. Its as large of two football fields. We made a rock tower so if you go out there see if it still stands.

We had some good grub I know the hikers liked it, better than soup and noodles! It was good to sit and relax in the big woods and talk to the guys. We played Hearts and Cribage, and drank a lot.

After we broke down camp we drove the hikers back to Slatington, PA so they could start up where they left off. No shortcuts or skiped miles with these guys! They are going to be at Bear Mountin in upstate NY in a week or so, when they get there I'm going to go and pick them up and bring them back to Queens for a couple days. Blue-eyes has never been to the city so on one of the days we are going to take a bike ride around and thru NYC. We are going to go over the Brooklyn Bridge into the city and ride free thru the streets of the Zoo York. Of course Coop and I will be on the Rickshaw filming and taking pics so check back in a couple of weeks.

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